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ApoloniA Silver Max Pro

Induction Balance (IB)
Very Low Frequency (VLF)
Base work frequency: 14 KHz
Work mode: movement
High depth metaldetector made for work on every kind of terrain
High efficiency even on higly mineralised terrain, terrain with high ore content, terrain with high ceramics content and terrain with high rock content.
– Standart search coil – DD 28cm (11”), the detector can be equipped with different size coils
– Integrated batterie 12V – 10 batteries 1.2V each, 1000mAh,
or addition of lithium polymer battery 5200mAh at the customer’s choice high quality and longevity.
– Automatic charger device
– Automatic ground ballance – auto ground
– Manual ground ballance
– Two tons of discrimination
– High detection speed
– Quick overload recovery
– Adjustable audio threshold
– Adjustable volume
– Adjustable degree of discrimination/iron rejection, foil rejection and lower quality metals rejection (usually pollutants)
– Adjustable detection depth
– Stereo headphones output jack – 6.35mm (? ”)
– Work duration with one battery charge: up to 35 hours
– Consumption – min: 25 mA, max: 40 mA
– Disassemblable and adjustable support frame made from aluminum and carbon
– Durable and comfortable handle and armrest
– Light and strong electronics box made from ABS
– Electronics, fully shielded against electromagnetic interferences
– Double shielded against electromagnetic interferences search coil cable
– Weight when fully assembled and ready for work: 1.350kg
RoHS compatible
Developed and manufactured in Bulgaria, 3 years warranty



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